What Fish Do You Think Tastes Best?

What is the best tasting freshwater fish? Some of that depends on where you live and what you have access to in your area. Here in Georgia, it is very hard to find walleye, but crappie and catfish are common. I can buy frozen walleye but frozen fish are never as good as fresh so that is a somewhat unfair comparison.

Here are some popular fish to eat:

Bluegill: Or bream in the south, bluegill are found in almost all North American waters and are often the first fish a youth catches. They don’t get big, one pounder is very big bluegill, but they are sometimes fileted. More often they are scaled and gutted and cooked whole.

The meat is white and flaky and many say it is very sweet. There are many ways to cook bluegill, from frying to making a chowder.

Catfish: A southern US delicacy, there are many restaurants that specialize in this fish. They can be caught in most North American waters and a variety of species grow to different sizes. Their meat is not as flaky or white as some others but has very little fishy taste, depending on the waters where they are caught and how they are handled.

Crappie: Very popular food fish in the south, their meat is white and sweet, and bigger ones can be filleted. Often cooked whole and fried is the most common way to cook them. They can be caught in most North American waters.

Black Bass: Most bass fishermen insist on releasing all their catch, but bass is sweet and tasty and easy to filet. Filets have a little fishy flavor and can be cooked in many ways. Some kind of black bass can be caught in most areas of North America.

Drum: Many consider drums to be inedible but many others say they are good to eat. They grow large and live in cooler waters, from Tennessee north. They are easy to filet but fishermen say they need to be put on ice as soon as caught and cleaned quickly.

Trout: A shore dinner of trout caught just minutes before eating them is often said the best fish meal you will ever have. The fresher the fish the better. Several varieties of trout are common in most of North America. Their flesh is darker and a little fishier tasting.

Walleye: Often called the best tasting freshwater fish, they are tasty and easy to filet. Their meat is white and sweet, with a little fishy flavor and they are cooked in a wide variety of ways. Common in the northern US and Canada, they are cold-water fish.

White Bass: White bass are freshwater cousins of saltwater stripers and can be found in many North America lakes and streams. They do not grow big, a three-pounder is considered a trophy catch, but pound-size fish can be fileted. Their meat has a dark red stripe or bloodline in it and has a strong fishy taste.

What is your favorite fish to eat? Is it on this list? What is your favorite way to cook fish? Tell me what is the best fish to eat and why it is the best in the Reader Responds section. Also, share your recipes with us.

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